Webinar: Claris Connect — connect your business to the world!


If you would like to bring your everyday apps together to create automated workflows — Claris Connect is the right tool for you.

During our webinar you will learn how to quickly integrate tools you are already using, e.g. Claris FileMaker, Dropbox, Slack or MailChimp to automate you business processes. With triggers and actions configured using drag and drop, you will be able to create your automations in minutes.

Save the date and join us on April 23th, 6:00 PM CEST!

Warsaw IT Days 2021


We are very pleased to invite everyone to 2021 edition of the Warsaw IT Days. One of the VoD materials has been prepared by our own Miłosz Staszewski and is dedicated to Apple silicon. Join us and learn more about the changes that new chips bring to the Mac platform.

Webinar: Mac Security Basics


There are many aspects related to the security posture of a typical Apple device. In this webinar we will try to got through the latest changes introduced to Apple platforms. We will try to put some special emphasis on the Apple silicon, pointing out what is new and what comes as an improvement to the technologies that have been already in place. Save the date and join us on April 9th, 6:00 PM CEST!

Webinar: Quick Intro to iOS/iPadOS Automation


When it comes to iOS and iPadOS automation can really mean many things. During our webinar we will try to discuss some of the currently available technologies that can make using your mobile Apple device even smarter. Save the date and join us on March 12th, 2021.

Webinar: Accessibility Features on Your Mac


Accessibility features are one of the most fundamental and important elements of Apple platforms. During our webinar we will discuss accessibility features available on the Mac and focus on changes introduced by the recent macOS versions, including VoiceOver, Voice Control, Hover Text and Zoom Display.

Webinar: Quick Introduction to Automating Your Mac


If you are having a Mac, you do not really need to do be still doing all of these daunting, soul-crushing, repeatable day-to-day tasks. Many of them can be automated, and your Mac will take care of them — while you will be able to focus on some more interesting stuff. Join us to learn more on how to make all of this magic happen!

Webinar: What's new in macOS Big Sur


Join us on January 14th, 2021 and learn about the exciting new features offered by macOS Big Sur. We will be discussing new version of Safari, changes introduced to Messages and the broader OS infrastructure. We will also try to identify the roles and situations in which one finds about the improvements. Save the date! Attendance is free of charge.

Webinar: What's new in iPadOS 14


"What's new in iPadOS 14" continues our journey through this year's upgrades of Apple's OSes — this time emphasizing their meaning for the iPad. We will be discussing things like changes to the home screen, new Messages app, and Safari. We will mention some special new tricks that are exclusive to iPadOS. Save the date: January 8th, 2021 and join us for this free of charge webinar!

Webinar: What's new in iOS 14


"What's new in iOS 14" is the first of our free of charge webinar series (in Polish) describing changes introduced to the latest versions of Apple's OSes. We will start with the most popular one of them. We will be discussing improvements to Messages, new home screen and Safari. We will also try to point out a few new tricks that somehow hadn't been covered by others.

Save the date and join us!

'Claris Engage 2020 Summary' Webinar


k7 is very happy to invite for a free of charge webinar covering the latest Claris offerings.

Join us and learn about the new products, technologies and features presented at this year's Claris Engage.

Additionally, during the webinar we will present practical ways in which Claris FileMaker 19 can already supercharge your business:

  • by integrating JavaScript libraries and enriching your FileMaker solution with interactive components;
  • by using machine learning models for classifying images, speech analysis, object detection etc. on Apple platforms;
  • by using Siri Shortcuts to launch your scripts on iPhone and iPad even faster.

Save the date and join us!

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